Amy Young

Hi, I'm Amy Young

The Michael Webb book 1000 Questions for Couples was recommended to me and my husband Jack by a marriage counselor.

The book was absolutely instrumental in helping us to avoid adding to the already appallingly high divorce statistics in this country. It's that good.

Since then I've become an unofficial Michael Webb scholar.

On these pages you'll find my thoughts on a variety of Michael Webb's books. It's my hope that you'll find these books to be as useful as I have and that you'll use them to discover, build and strengthen your relationship with someone very special.


Communicate and Make Your Relationship Stronger

1000 Questions for Couples

1000 Questions for Couples

Good communication is the key component in every relationship.

If you can talk, I mean really talk, to your partner you're well on your way to saving a troubled relationship or to making a good relationship even better.

But opening the lines of meaningful communication can be difficult to do.

In 1000 Questions for Couples you'll discover how to make communication with your partner fun, dynamic and exciting just by asking - and answering - the right questions.

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50 Secrets cover

50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Arguing with your partner rarely, if ever, accomplishes anything positive.

So what if you could stop arguments before they ever get started?

Or w hat if you could make sure that any argument that just has to happen never turns into a nasty fight?

Well, you can!

Michael Webb can show you exactly how to make destructive arguments with your partner a thing of the past.

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In the Beginning - Flirting, Dating & More

Flirting Formula book cover

Flirting Formula

Trying to meet women is embarrassing just to think about and to actually go through with it is just setting yourself up for humiliation!

No. Wrong.

Like most things in life meeting women, and especially the right woman, can be pretty darn easy to do - if you know how to go about it.

Michael shows you how to get a conversation started and keep it lively, how to avoid disaster and a lot more.

If you aren't one of those guys who seem to be naturally blessed with exactly the right line for any situation, have a look at Flirting Formula.

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A Better Way to Date cover

A Better Way to Date

Most people never really learn how to date.

First, they trust to blind luck to meet someone interesting.

Then, if they do manage to meet someone that might be OK they go through the same old dating rituals in the same old boring ways.

Not only is dating this way a big yawn, your chances of meeting someone special and building a real relationship are dismal at best.

In A Better Way to Date you'll find out that you can multiply your chances of meeting someone special and have a lot more fun too.

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300 Creative Dates cover

300 Creative Dates

Dinner and a movie? OK, but a bit same old don't you think?

Whether you're dating someone special for the first time or out on "date night" with your partner you can make the occasion extra special with a little help from Michael Webb's 300 Creative Dates.

Michael's book is stuffed full of great date ideas you can use "right out of the box" but they'll also rev up your imagination so you can start thinking up great date ideas that are all your own.

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Popping the Question cover

A RoMANtic's Guide to Popping the Question

If it's time to ask her the big question make sure you multiply your chances of success.

A RoMANtic's Guide to Popping the Question is loaded with great proposals, unique proposal situation ideas, ways to avoid proposal disaster and some very useful bonuses as well.

It's an important thing you're about to ask, maybe the most important thing, make sure you get it right with Michael's unique guide.

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Strengthen Your Relationship With a Fantastic Sex Life

The Virtuoso Lover cover

The Virtuoso Lover Trilogy

For any man that wants to truly please his partner there are many challenges, and great rewards.

The Virtuoso Lover is a series of three books each covering different facets of love-making.

This amazing trilogy gives any man that is up for the challenge the knowledge and techniques he needs to play his lover like a fine instrument.

From basic techniques to ultimate positions for her, it's all covered in easy-to-understand detail in The Virtuoso Lover.

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Sex All Around the House Cover

Sex All Around the House

You don't need a perfect tropical beach or a penthouse suite at the Ritz to make your love life more exciting.

What you really need you already have.

The potential for spectacular love making is all around you in your own home. You just need to learn how to look at places and things in a new and sexier sort of light.

Find out how with just a little imagination you can turn your own home into a special love making wonderland.

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Dirty Talk Secrets

Dirty Talk Secrets

A little spicy talk is a certain way to fire up your relationship and your love life.

But what do you say? When do you say it? How can you be sure you won't say something your partner finds offensive?

No problem!

All these questions and a lot more are answered in Dirty Talk Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Sexy Talk.

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Lick by Lick Book Cover

Lick by Lick

Cunnilingus, done right, is the key to great sex for most women.

Your partner could probably tell you what she needs, if she wasn't embarrassed or shy about talking about it.

Michaels book Lick by Lick is a master guide to the art of cunnilingus.

By using his clearly explained techniques you could well take your sex life to a whole other place.

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Blow by Blow Book Cover

Blow by Blow

Men love it, there is no doubt. But great fellatio is not as simple to do as you might think.

If you're going for ordinary you can probably manage without any advice.

But if you're looking to give your partner mind-blowing oral sex, then Michael Webb's Blow by Blow is a must read for you.

Learn the tricks and techniques that you can use to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

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